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Global Solutions

Back Office Support

Our skilled staff can perform business processes that are not core to your business operations. Many companies use our service for processing orders, accounting, social media content updating. Talk to us about your processes and we can develop a plan!


Our experienced staff can provide application support, hardware support for desktop, network or technical products. Since our team is made up of Computer Science grads we feel there is no technical support we can't provide. Our team is also versed in customer support with our in-house language training which neutralizes accents and also teaches the principals of business customer support processes.

Product Sales & Appointment Setting

Years of practicing the six step sales process has our team leading in setting qualified appointments for your sales reps or providing the entire sales process from cold calling to opportunity won. We do it everyday and will be happy to discuss your business needs in the marketing/sales arena.


Our teams integrate into your business and provide the processes you may be struggling with or paying too much for now.

Don't waste your valuable energy focusing on processes that add value to delivering your product or service but are not in your core capabilities. We start each project working with our clients to understand their goals, strengths and weaknesses. Then together we build a plan to move forward to success!

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